East Coast Country

Even though I lived in New Hampshire for 6 years of my life (relatively not much because I’m relatively old) I never ventured into the Massachusetts countryside but a few un-memorable times. In fact I never toured anywhere except Boston and the 13 miles of the NH Coast… I was in high school after all and wasn’t much into touring.  Never even made it to Vermont…ever.  So on my recent trip back East my good friends, Maura & Caitlin, brought me to several new-to-me beautiful country places.  One of our stops was the Russell Orchards in Ipswich.They seemed to do everything at this farm… lots of fruits and veg, donuts, farm animals…you name it.  Blueberry picking looked fun(ish), but I was convinced by my friends that I should just buy them in the store…which I did because I ran out of time and was lame.

My cute new friend Elsa had no fear of the pigs that bite.

I like the black and white sheep way more than the super-creepy giant pig named Big Boy.

It wasn’t…Rumor has it that Elsa woke up the next day and said I needed to eat more blueberries so that my eyes could be blue like hers.  I definitely need to eat more blueberries, thanks for the advice Elsa!


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