The North End

My favorite favorite part of Boston (by far) is the North End, the old Italian neighborhood.  If I lived in Boston I would live here.  I love the people, the delis, the coffee shops, the thick accents, the architecture. And the pizza…oy, the pizza!

There is always a festival going on here on the weekends honoring one Saint or another….the decor just stays up.

Did I mention that everyone in Boston is a Red Sox fan.

You have to kill a lot of time in the line at Pizzeria Regina (these children prefer wrestling).  If you like pizza you must go to this place.  Don’t care how long the line is (it’s always long)… just go.

Local boys get to skip the line and get side-door priority seating.

Once you get it in you forget how long you waited and the snarky waitress makes you wish you could come here every day…. and the pizza…the pizza will make you happy.

Even though you are stuffed to the gills with delicious cheesy pizza pie you have to wait in another line at Modern Pastry for a freshly made cannoli.  Or, hopefully, a box of them.

I don’t even like dessert (barely at all) but the ricotta filled cannoli…. oh my!  Hand filled to order, wrapped in a pastry box and tied with a string.  So nice.

Walking back to your car….

you might even come upon a lovely patriotic scene such as this.


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