produce, pickles, pools + puppets

Farmer’s market excursion in Cohasset.  I bugged my friend all week long about scheduling a pickling session… ever since she told me she just made some pickles.  I loooove pickled things and I’ve always wanted to pickle. So I came here to get a few things that weren’t cucumbers before I went to her house… just to…you know, mix it up a bit… and be all California crazy.

Seems like bringing beets to cook in someone else’s kitchen would be not cool.  Darn, I like beets.

Giant pile o’corn… can you pickle a whole ear of corn?

Pickled beans….oh yeah.

More blueberries for your eyes… (although I bet pickled blues would be yummy).

In this town they have a real milkman that delivers (what?!) milk in this truck (what?! in glass bottles!).  Seriously.  Old school cool.

These strawberries tasted like you grew them in your garden.

Washing my beans to prepare for the pickling party.

Finally went over to the neighbors house and pickled… she had everything already there and ready so it took like 20 minutes to pickle radishes, beans and two kinds of cucumbers (home grown from her garden and pickling cukes from the market).  We added a bunch of spices, dill, garlic, peppercorns.  Sadly I didn’t taste any of them…I was leaving in a couple of days and they take a couple of weeks to be ready.  Oh well. Still waiting to hear if they were delicious? Anyone? At least they were pretty.

Post pickling…pool time.  The kids had a swimming lesson and the adults…well we drank beer poolside.

Later I made this cocktail… some kind of cucumber-y-basil-vodka thing. 

The kids put on a puppet show… there was a pig, a mean lady, and a damsel in distress who needed rescuing from a tower.  It was funny and a bit long.

And then someone needed to make dinner.


4 thoughts on “produce, pickles, pools + puppets

  1. great photos (as usual). Makes me miss MA. sniff
    I pickled zucchini this summer. They were ok- a tad too vinegary (and I LOVE vinegar). But I am eager to try again, and with other veggies.

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