Last bit o’ Boston fun…

Charlestown from the  rooftop.

The ICA building

Woodman’s – Essex MA – fried everything served in MGD boxes.

Crane Beach in Ipswich.

Jake’s Seafood in Hull.

Dinner with Barbie.

Driving back from Maine it rained more than….ever!

Got a tour of Fenway, oldest ballpark in the country.

Our tour guide’s two World Series Championship rings… He’s been there a while.

Boston has amazing new public bikes. 30 minutes free – $5 for 24 hours.

My buds at Sandy Beach.

Adios Summer…can’t wait til next year!


6 thoughts on “Last bit o’ Boston fun…

  1. Alright, I want to eat at Woodman’s NOW, and then hop on the public bike, and then cool off at Crane Beach. Where did those cute kids come from? Oh yeah Barbie is looking especially chic.

  2. Can’t think of much that’s better than bridge jumping and ice cream. A little sand stuck in between the toes and whatever wholesome goodness was in those MGD boxes.
    Top it all off with some time with Phoggy and that’s a trip.

    I look forward to the genesis story of ‘Spaghetti Policy’.

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