i like matches

Recently we were in Hawaii for a job and I ventured into a vintage Hawaiian store where I found some crappy old match books for my collection. They had quite a few from California… I guess Hawaiians vacation somewhere other than Hawaii.

This first one “Tim’s of Alameda” apparently was a 24 hour waffle house and cocktail lounge.  If only Alameda didn’t need another bank (what it is now) there’d be waffles and Manhattans to be had at 3am right near my house.  I could have kept them in business.

…and they had nightly Hammond organ!

Original Joe’s from the San Jose and SF Joe’s.  San Jose still runs strong but SF has been closed since 2007 because of a fire (supposedly it’s relocating to North Beach).

Smooth Drinks.

Torino’s in SF (I like their “crest” logo).  This address doesn’t exist anymore (it’s probably another bank).

House of Prime Rib. Still going (strong?) on Van Ness.  Prime rib from the cart.  Any restaurant food served on a cart I’m a fan.  Marin Joe’s caesar salad…made on the cart right at your table by your waiter, yes with a raw egg  (shhh…I think that’s illegal).

The Wharf Motel had a cool map inside the matchbook.

Skipper Kent’s looks like it was a San Francisco tiki paradise.  I’m quite fond of the fancy surfer girl on the back of the matches.

Churchill’s of Waikiki (an Inn).   Great design and logo. ‘Nuff said.

This golf club in Vallejo has a disturbing inside cover.  I think this is a love story….or it’s a bad story about steaks.


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