Tomales Bay Escape

In August I was lucky enough (very lucky) to stay at this incredible house in Marshall, a small town on Tomales Bay.  The house is a converted coal & feed store which sits between the highway and the water and amongst about 6 buildings that make up the town.

This is the view from the upstairs.

The house is clearly designed for parties… and has high enough ceilings that you can have a deer inside, with a pearl necklace.

This isn’t really the kitchen… this is the party kitchen downstairs.

Hog Island Oyster Co. is a few steps away.

The town of Marshall.

San Francisco travels to the country.

The blue oyster gloves.

Back at the house we had borrowed some kayaks that we took out onto the bay.

The boat house off the deck opens up onto the water.  My Uncle Perry fulfilled his dream (that he never knew he had) of fishing while lying in bed (and drinking a beer).

Oysters + Anchor + Crystal

Fresh tomatoes, basil and lemon cucumber from the garden.

stay tuned for part II…when the sun goes down the food comes out….


10 thoughts on “Tomales Bay Escape

  1. Judy Parker, you are the coolest photo cat I know. Our solo photo of yours needs wall mates. Lots of love. El

  2. This is wonderful. I am signing up stella too. The picture of Perry is amazing! We miss you and I am so excited to check in through your blog.All our love ,Shana
    Your pictures are gorge .Those adorable kiddos remind me of Stella and Jack. Especially the beach photos

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