Hawaii…land of vacation

Had a job in Hawaii in August… that’s right a job.  Those words don’t really go together.  But they did for a couple of days.  And for a couple other days we acted like we were on vacation.

Somehow we were sitting in front of the wing on the plane…that’s uptown.

Late night dining in Waikiki.

Great Hawaiian trees.

The sweet Buick that lived down the street.

The beach near where we stayed.

Ain’t no party like a poke party. The best poke… straight out of the liquor store.

Jacqueline + Ian’s cool porch

Stacy… just hanging out at the beach.

Surfers and the sunset.

Spent a few hours here (in the shade) and in the water.

Tourists in Hawaii are happy.

Italians in Hawaii are tan.

I definitely need to go to Japan.  They make crazy drinks…like Pocari Sweat.

…and coffee in a bottle without sweetener…so un-American

Buick Stalker.

My Mai Tai.

Forgotten toys.

And, oh yes…this trip goes for days and days.


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