My cousins just happened to be in Waikiki at the same time as me…which was awesome and fun since we don’t live near each other in real life.

Those are not my cousins…just the infinity pool at the Sheraton.

This is Fiona, she likes her blue innertube.

This is Anna, she likes her green one.


Must be time for lunch.

Marukame Udon in Waikiki… best food find of the trip (aside from the poke shops).    That’s seaweed musubi in the plastic.  It was delicious and cheap.  And the best part of it, cafeteria style!

…..then there were more happy jumpers.

At the Kahala hotel there are dolphins that you can pay a lot of money to swim with and sting rays that just hang out all day.  Sneaking in and watching from the shore is free.

Apparently people were in danger out at sea…the waters were a bit rough, and deceptive.

After cousin time I met up with my good friend Derek who lives on Oahu.  We went out for sushi overload at Genki Sushi…not sushi boats, but sushi conveyor belt.

We parked upstairs at the Safeway parking lot

Looking towards Diamondhead

Looking towards downtown Honolulu.

Good times with my friend and my family.  Thanks guys for hanging out.


One thought on “Waikiki

  1. Awesome, Judy! Thanks! I wish that yummy looking beer had been a part of our lunch. And, I love that you clarified that the two lovebirds in the infinity pool were not your cousins… What a great trip! Good times, for sure! xoxo

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