An homage to Heart

One of my favorite wine-bar-type-places in San Francisco, Heart, is closing on Saturday.

I must preface this with some facts:  Number one fact, I’m not much of a wine bar person.  Number two fact, Heart was different than a “wine bar” in so many ways. Heart was more about fun than anything else:  the music, the food, the old movies, the gallery, the logo (I heart), the wine descriptions, the beer selection, the jars (oh the jars!),  the people…I could go on but my best stories are shown through photos.

This is part one of my homage to Heart.

The ‘private’ opening party.

The oh-so-controversial jar of wine.

Opening night fare.

So many great cheeses that I have eaten.

Food from Douglas at kitchenette.

The importance of an amazing ceiling.

Jeff & Douglas masterminding the situation.

The “new”-oh-so-controversial jars.

My favorite…Halloween Heart Baby.You can read Jeff’s thoughtful “saying goodbye” here.

….more to come after the grand finale on Saturday.


8 thoughts on “An homage to Heart

  1. I want to be part of this special place but alas I’ve missed the opportunity; but your pictures provide a great visual and a “heart” felt commentary.

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