Borrego Springs: desert modern architecture

Welcome to Borrego Springs!

This is my home away from home… or in other words, my other home.  I just arrived here for a few days this weekend as my friend, Bill Lawrence, is doing a presentation on mid-century modern architecture in the area.  Fortunately for me Bill likes my photography…so a lot of my work is featured in his presentation.  Check out his website, for a great historical record of the town and its unique architecture.

Last summer Bill did a similar presentation at the Dwell on Design Conference in Los Angeles.  One of the Dwell editors, Aaron Britt, had visited Borrego for a few days in the Spring to check out the architecture.  So we spent some time showing him the town and some of the great homes (and of course having cocktail parties!).  There are several featured postings on the Dwell site of my photography (see them here and here.)

Below is the first in a series that I’ll post of some of my favorites from the area.

William Krisel designed, 1959. Borrego Golf Club Estates.  Pitman-Pauli Residence.

Richard Zerbe designed, 1959.  Fairway Cottages.  Lawrence Residence.

William Kesling design, 1949.  The Desert Club.

Henry Hester design, 1958.  Givler Home.  Wilson Residence.

Walt Chambers Design, 2008. Chambers – Dax Residence.

I’ll post more later.  For now I’m off to see if I can catch a roadrunner (with my camera), snag some grapefruits, and put my feet up…. desert livin’.

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9 thoughts on “Borrego Springs: desert modern architecture

  1. I want to stretch out on the chaise by the pool with highball in hand, cool sophistication exuding from me…you capture the beauty in your photo’s of these desert homes architectural details.

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