The future is not broken.

Since I saw my mother yesterday and she thinks my website is broken (or her iphone is broken) I thought I should make an update.  Not broken.  But my desire to be on the computer more than absolutely necessary (ie. my day job) is what stands in my way.  That means I haven’t been posting my personal stuff since that takes the extra effort of sitting down and typing / adjusting / editing….making my hands hurt more.  Instead I have been forming my new creative idea in my head (and on paper).  Lets just say it will involve something coming in the mail to your house (real mail delivered by a postal-human).  It will involve photography, art, collaboration, pen on paper, stamps, subscriptions and surprises!  And it will cost $5. You all that follow my blog and are “fans” on facebook, and who are my friends in real life, will be the first to know and hopefully the first to enjoy it.

I have been inspired by others and am excited.  And now that I’ve made this announcement it’s semi-more-official.

Stay tuned for the future. The future might be more fun.

And I need an intern (hello Kramerica.)