I am a photographer.

I love looking at photography…I don’t particularly care about talking about cameras or much of anything technical. (I’ll talk about them later).  I care more about the results rather than what kind of camera I used.

Mainly I created this site to organize my photographs and to share them in a way that’s prettier than email, more permanent than social networking, and ideally will make me (and maybe you) think about them more.

I love architecture.  Especially modern architecture.  My favorite place is the desert of Southern California because of the architecture the heat and the landscape all together in one package.

Food is fun to photograph (and eat…although most of the food I photograph isn’t something that I eat.)  I don’t think I’d last very long without different forms of bread and cheese.  Lately I’ve been eating a lot of kale…seems like the thing to do.

This is me fishing in Alaska where we lived in the early 70’s.

I like my photos to be spontaneous, un-perfect, unique, and real.

I love to travel.

I love Boston Terriers (and most dogs). This is Enzo. He was found wandering the streets of Bakersfield.  He’s amazing and he lays around like this a lot.

This is Bacchus, he came before Enzo.  This is my favorite “Toonces” photo of him.

‘Spaghetti Policy’ is what now?

You go to the movie theater eating a container of spaghetti that you brought from home, and you ask the ticket taker “What’s your spaghetti policy?” (just like Charlie Day)…or just make up whatever you want.

For you tech type people here’s my current camera lowdown:

I use a Nikon D700.  My favorite other camera that I pretty much bring everywhere is my Samsung TL500.  It’s small, made of metal, all black, and has a hot Schneider 1.8 lens.  I’m guessing my next camera will be an iPhone and the monthly fees will cost me more than all my other cameras combined…I’ll be broke but cool.

This, like most things, is a work in progress.  Thanks for checking out my progress.



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