Goodbye, Heart

Part 1:  Some photos I took for Heart last year….


And wine.

There’s pickled okra in there.

…and nuts and salty fish in there.

Part 2:  The final week

Lots of beer ‘testing’ during the final week…

Linden Street Black, Pretty Things – Jack D’Or, Aecht Schlenkerla Helles

and taking of photos in the Pez bathroom…

and late-night-future-contemplation.

Some final beers in the fridge…. cans of Moose Drool, Black Ball Porter, and Linden Street.

Instructions on the final night:  “Let’s drink the bar dry”.

Red wine completely gone.  Beer completely gone.

A Mission Picnic.

“Bobcat”, a piece from the gallery.

Robbie cleaning out the fridge.

Fatted Calf meats.

The customers are gone…and the feet are up.

Jeff toasts his employees and says farewell.

and thank you….

No…really…Thank You!!!

The stools are up. Good times were had. Onward and upward my friends.

For the curious ones, next up in the Heart space, St. Vincent.