Borrego Modern Architecture – McKenzie Residence

This is the home that I hung out at the other night for cocktails while it was being photographed for an upcoming “entertaining” issue of Dwell Magazine.  Nothing like throwing a party in a fully decked out party house… thanks Stacey & Doug!

You can see a selection of the photos below on the Dwell site from a feature they did last year of the house.

What can I say….it’s smashing.

Mother nature works in mysterious modernist ways.

Built in 1980 but decorated with mid-century treasures.

That’s the kitchen (and that’s Doug doing the dishes!…I think he forgot to read the mid-century handbook). All of the appliances and cabinets are below the countertops.  And yes, that is a customized wall of Heath Ceramics …mmmm.

Built in cabinets run throughout both sides of the house just below the windows.

The bedrooms and bathrooms mirror each other…one bedroom (with a built in platform bed) and one bathroom on each side of the house.

No doors anywhere…crazy party…you never know what will happen.

Living room, dining room and kitchen in the middle.

Random digression:

Apparently Maurie McKenzie (the architect and original owner) told Stacey & Doug that he is the grandfather of the Farrelly Brothers (aka. Dumb & Dumber, Kingpin, There’s Something About Mary).  Verification…I have none but if anyone wants to fact check please do.  Can you really make that up?

From the front of the house there’s an amazing view of the mountains….

…and the lap pool.

The back of the house.

Gates on both sides of the driveway close off the carport and interior.

Look for the September “Entertaining” issue of Dwell.  LA, NYC, and Borrego Springs….the hot spots!